About Security Guru Cables

We produce a wide selection of network equipment under SECURITY GURU CABLE brand name. Our comprehensive catalog gathers thousands of products, which are supplied to customers of different industries worldwide.
We create products that help people realize the power of technology and make people‚Äôs lives better, easier and more fulfilling. 
We supply the whole range of equipment for fiber optic networks and CATV, including: Fiber optic cable (outdoor & indoor), optical transmitter (1550 & 1310 nm), optical receiver (outdoor & indoor, FTTH), EDFA, Ethernet equipment (media converter, switch, transceiver, router, SFP & GBIC module), network accessories (CAT5 & CAT5e cable, patchcord, plug, PVC boot, RJ45 module, socket, face plate, patch panel, cable tester & tool), GEPON, WDM, PLC, optical passives (optical coupler, attenuator, filter, patchcord, pigtail, adaptor, optical closure, termination box, distribution & cross cabinet), splicing (fusion splicer & tool), measuring equipment (OTDR, optical light source, optical power meter, optical fiber identifier, signal level meter), cable amplifier (outdoor & indoor), splitter & tap, attenuator, filter, isolator, wall outlet, connector, satellite product (IF amplifier, DiSEqC switch, satellite finder, satellite digital receiver), coaxial cable.
We provide only best quality fiber optics, RF and LAN products, with fast and on time delivery at competitive prices. To serve you even better, we stock most of the commonly used products. We offer products of a consistent quality. Our QC team monitors the manufacturing process and inspects all products before shipment.
Our Principles:
  • Full customer satisfaction
  • Commitment to high-quality service
  • Relationships based on mutual trust and respect
  • Long-term cooperation rather than one time profitable sale 
SECURITY GURU CABLE is your reliable partner in India!