Airport Security

Airports Security/Railway Stations/Bus Transits

1. Government Compliance 
  • Secure sensitive areas 
  • View and record checkpoints: intelligent video analytics protects checkpoints and screening areas 
2. Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems(PIDS) 
  • Monitor public areas: public service counters 
  • Track and manage people: register, badge, track, manage employees, contractors and vendors 
  • Visually aceess threats: long range, high resolution thermal imaging provide visual assessment for potential problems and their solutions 
3. Investment protection 
  • Restrict access to storage closets and bank offices 
  • Identify perpetrators: clear visual identification helps prosecution easier 
  • Protects assets wirelessly: computers, expensive arts, flat screen monitors, merchandise, equipmenst 
4. Biometric verification 
  • ID verification 
  • Analyse suspicious behavior 
5. Retail effectiveness 
  • Transporting people and cargo worldwide 
  • Strategically placed cameras: fight shrinkage, product placement, traffic flow areas to serve customers profitably 
6. Situational awareness 
  • Custom security awareness 
  • Perimeter protection: integrated with control centres 
  • Intrusion detection: safeguard unused areas/allow free use of occupied areas