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Evolution of Hidden Camera Tech

These days technology is advancing at a blinding pace, faster, cheaper gadgets and making smaller every single day. Who would have thought that we could have hidden or spy camera apps on a handheld Smartphone device that we take everywhere, not to talk about have cameras the size of pin holes that can record hours upon hours of hidden and secret video. There is no better time to be a spy for you, particularly if you are children with a couple of fairly cheap gadgets and a computer.

As a guardian though, you tend to think of using these cameras for home security & making sure your family is safe when you are away. If you have kids and have ever had to leave them with another provider for any length of time, you know how stressful it can be for you. You worry if your kids are being sufficiently supervised and treated kindly. With common reports of children abuse from close friends and relatives, unfortunately the care of your children while you are away is probably a major concern. In addition, if you have aging guardian who live in a care facility you possibly wonder if they are being treated kindly. Even if you do not have the above mentioned personal concerns, you may just want to know what happens in your house, home or office while you are away. By Luck, there is option for you to find out the answer to these questions: installing a hidden or spy camera. Here we are presenting top seven features of hidden cameras.

Dual Functionality

If you have done any research on spy and hidden cameras, you probably noticed that most of these cameras come packaged in the form of daily household or office product. For example, many nanny cc cameras come packaged in the form of a teddy bear, wall clock or other common bedroom/household item. For the office purpose you can find cameras in the form of a pencil sharpener, even coat hook and ballpoint pen. Dual functionality of these cameras refers to the ability an item has to function as a hidden camera as well as its’ original purpose (e.g., a clock).

Time Scheduled Recording

This is not one of the most ordinary features of spy cameras but it is available on some other models. TSR (Time scheduled recording) can be useful if you know you always want to record a specific area at the same time each day. This differs from motion recording video in that device will still record even if there is no movement detected.

Audio Recording

If you want to eager to listen what is being recorded on your video, firstly be sure the device you are looking to buy has audio recording as well. While most devices come regular with audio recording file, some lower end models may not come equipped with this feature. So, it is always best to ask more questions or read all specifications before you buy anything.

Motion Detection

You may not worry about recording an empty room & only want to see movement that occurs at any given time of day. If this case occurs, look for hidden cameras that offer motion detection who allows the device to start recording only when movement is sensed.

Still Images

Some best quality spy cameras are capable of taking still image pictures. If you want to have a combination of video & still images, be sure to check the model specifications as many models do not provide still images.

Video Format

The easiest way to view video on your computer is with AVI (audio video interleave) format. In 1992, it was developed by Microsoft and is one of the most commonly used video formats. It is supported by systems such as UNIX, Linux, Windows and Mac. This format is easy to use because a single file includes a combination of video and files; allowing for the playback of audio and video simultaneously.

Adjustable Recording Options

This feature is very nice to have if you want to change the quality of video you are recording in order to take up more or less space on the memory card.