Home Security

Home security Solutions 

1. Security Systems
  • Remote controlling of security systems, lights, locks 
  • Internet enabled electronic locks 
  • Garage door control 
  • Water valve sensors: sensors that shut down home main water valve when leaking pipe detected 
  • Indoor/outdoor motion sensor 
  • Door and window protection 
  • Glass break detectors 
  • Temperature sensors 
  • Pet friendly protection 
  • 24 hours monitoring form central station 
  • Environmental sensors: notify extremities in environment 
  • Theft protection sensors: can be placed inside valuables 
  • Emergency help: panic pendants, wristbands, belts, key chains esp. For elderly people • Vehicles tracking and video viewing 
  • Real times alerts 
  • Live video footage 
  • Alerting on fire threats: wireless smoke and CO detector can alert to evacuate and summon emergency services
  • Digital cameras: indoor/outdoor (Dome/box/PTZ) 
  • Perimeter protection: senses sound of breaking glass