Industry Security

Industry solutions 

1. Access management 
  • Workforce Management 
  • Visitors and contractor management 
  • Time and attendance 
  • Real-time mustering(assembling) capabilities 
  • Integration with security management 
  • Enterprise resource planning(ERP) SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft 
  • Financial and Inventory Management 
  • Control of flow of personnel and vehicles 
  • Perimeter intrusion detection 
2. Command and Control 
  • Integrates safety and security resources 
  • Collaborative, touch screen interface 
  • Improving incident response in critical situation 
  • Standardised incident response procedures 
3. Integrated security management platform 
  • Highly configurable software program 
4. Perimeter intrusion detection 
  • RADAR Video Surveillance (RVS): integrates a number of sensors like RADAR, SONAR, Automatic Identification System (AIS) and GPS with configurable rules. 
  • Video analytics and video motion detection 
  • Physical control of fencing, vehicles barriers and blockers for land based facilities 
  • Water barriers and vessel arrest solutions on waterfront facilities 
  • Fibre optics based solutions installed on fence line or buried in sterile areas 
  • Electromagnetic/microwave/infrared beams 
5. Pipeline safety and security 
  • Security leaks detection 
  • Monitoring of assets such as pipelines and perimeters using fibre optic cables 
6. Video surveillance solutions 
  • Built on industry standard networks 
  • Hardware and software applications 
  • Intelligent recording 
  • Automated camera tamper and visual degradation detection