Retail Security

Retail security(jewellery store/convenience store/super markets) 

1. Loss prevention 
  • Safeguarding inventory, property and employees against intrusion 
  • Pinpoint packages: barcodes of shipments(location) 
  • Access control of stock rooms 
  • Complete transactions efficiently i.e. decode bar code and deactivate Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) tag 
  • Recordings retrieval to prevent losses 
2. Point of sale 
  • Identify suspected transactions: video recording is combined with transaction data 
  • Age verification for age restricted products 
  • Faster checkout shortens transaction time for increased revenue 
  • Triggering siren or alarm in emergency situation 
3. Inventory management 

4. Customer/employee safety 

5. Customer experience 
  • Perform price checks 
  • Verify gift card balances 
  • Display promotional items 
  • Streamlined return process 
  • Identify product placements and traffic movement 
6. Burglary protection