School Security

School security/ places of worship 

1. Building security 
  1. Remote monitoring 
  2. Command and control 
  3. Scan ID badges for access to specified areas 
  4. Visitor management and tracking: protecting faculty and students from unidentified individuals. 
2. Temperature/flood monitoring 
  • Sensors and alerts for temperature extremes and water for flood service areas, science labs and server rooms 
  • Access control systems integrated with video cameras for labs or other sensitive areas whic are in danger from temperature fluctuations 
3. Discreet areas monitoring 
  • Classrooms, halls, residence halls, administrative offices, parking lots, walkways 
  • Smoke detectors integrated with mobile and PC devices 
  • Mass communication and instant, reliable communications of security events to different people i.e. students, faculty etc.
4. Exterior public areas 
  • Vandal proof access card readers 
  • Analyse the restricted area by video for suspicious activities and potentially dangerous situations 
  • Monitor activity from vehicle and wireless video surveillance integrated with mobile technologies 
  • Protects assets wirelessly: Advanced wireless outdoor motion detectors and gate sensors 
5. Mobile student identification 
  • Verify student ID’s, teacher ID’s and visitors at school functions off campus 
  • Special event ticketing: Bar code scanners increase the ticket checking speed and validity check to avoid counterfeiting 
  • E-ticketing: Area imaging scanners capable of scanning e-tickets directly from mobile devices 

6. Productivity and costs savings 
  • Multi location security: several campuses managed centrally 
  • Automate manual processes: Sale systems of book stores, cafeteria, inventory management, library, data centres. Improved productivity and accurate transaction 
  • Smart cards for point of sales: manage access control using single smart card for variety of areas
  • Protects assets wirelessly: Guard theft of computers, projectors and other valuables