Wireless Surveillance Systems

Advantages of Wireless Surveillance System and Cameras by Security Guru

  • Our best quality Wi-Fi based wireless broadband services could be used for any public surveillance systems (Surveillance of a locality, street, traffic junctions, etc).
  • Wireless surveillance cameras are capable in all situations where it is difficult to lay cables – Museums, Heritage buildings, Industrial plants, etc.
  • Wireless surveillance system is cost effective to maintain and install (when compared to wired networks involving Fiber Cables, Trenching, etc).
  • Wireless Networks System can be deployed quickly and wireless surveillance can be used for providing temporary exhibitions / Wi-Fi to fairs, etc.
  • Wireless Point-to-Point back-haul networks (PPHN) could extend the network to more than 5 KM over the wireless medium, if required.
  • Wireless networks are fairly secure now days as most of them use 802.1 x authentications and encrypt communications using WPA2.
  • Wi-Fi Mesh networks can connect to each other to form a nearly all wireless network in a given location. These Mesh networks permit to multi-path propagation and can automatically choose alternate paths to avoid single point (link/device) failure.
  • A Wi-Fi network supports Quality of Service (QoS) parameters to be configured for carrying real-time traffic. Mainly, the real time traffic is recognized in the network and is given higher priority over data traffic.
  • Main Point is that our offer wireless IP Surveillance cameras can be moved from one place to another without worrying if cable/network jack is available at the new location. In fact, all complete wireless setup (including access points, etc) can be moved to a new location easily and quickly.
  • Mobile video recording capture its possible video footage using a wireless IP surveillance camera installed over a police car when it is moving.
  • The quality of indoor wireless surveillance cameras could be enhanced by using Wireless Controllers to create and maintain a wireless network.
  • Digital Compression techniques such H.264 and H.264 SVC offer a quality video stream in low bandwidths